About Me

I believe in myself.   I believe in my talent. I believe in my passion. I believe I am blessed. And more than anything, I believe in my MAGIC.

I am Anju Dargani, a Professional Traditional and Airbrush Makeup Artist. I discovered my passion for makeup 9 years ago in Dubai.  I was so drawn to the makeup of the local Arab women there, that I wanted to learn how to do it.  I took it as a sign from God to start my career as a Makeup Artist.

I started off by taking a Basic Makeup course at the School of Fashion and Arts (SOFA).  Working on my model during my graduation photoshoot, felt like magic. That’s when I decided on my business name,  “Magic by Anj Dargani”.  Even till today, whenever I work on a client, I feel, see and experience MAGIC.

After the basic class, I didn’t stop. I took course after course to further develop my makeup skills. I graduated from Beauty and Fashion Makeup, Airbrush Makeup and Hairstyling Course at HD Makeup Studio and Academy and then after a year I took up Bridal Makeup and advanced Beauty, Photography and High Fashion Makeup for Professional Makeup Artists at Maquillage Professionel. My thirst for knowledge still exists until today. I keep myself updated with the latest makeup trends through workshops, YouTube and by taking online makeup classes.

I am versatile. I love giving my clients a different look all the time. I especially love working on their eyes, as I feel eyes are the most expressive part of the face. I always make sure my work is neat and clean. I never let a client leave their chair until both the client and I are happy with the look.

I do all types of makeup — bridal makeup, debut makeup, makeup for fashion shows, kid’s makeup, makeup for print ads or advertisements, makeup for magazines and party makeup.

I am blessed to have worked with a range of celebrities, from beauty queens to TV show hosts, such as Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Phoemela Baranda, Isabel Roces, Sandra Seifert, Ginger Conejero, Sheena Vera Cruz, Amanda Griffin Jacob and Nicole Asensio. Once in awhile, I am featured as a Guest Makeup Artist for Mac Cosmetics, Rockwell and I also part of team of Makeup Team of Mac Cosmetics for fashion shows, magazines,events and photo shoots.

 I used to blog for www.glam-diary.com, you could still view all my beauty blog posts there. I also teach one on one or group Basic Makeup classes.