Shu Uemura Metallic Bouquet Liners


I visited Shu Uemura Cosmetics at Rockwell last Sunday. I learned about their latest collection – Metallic Bouquet. I totally fell in love with their metal: inks ( pencil liners in a metallic finish ). Its totally different from the liners I have used and this is smudge proof. I actually tested it n it lasted for 8 hours. I swatched them all so you would have a look on the colors available.
This liners are perfect for winged liners. Perfect for simple make up, fashion makeup or avante garde makeup.
Here are the swatches of  9/10 liners, as only 9 liners were available when I went.




My personal favorites are red, blue, gold and brown. I would definitely purchase these.

Swatches of My Favorite Mac Lip Liners

I have been a guest Artist in Mac for more than 3 years now. I truly love their products. So yesterday I was there as a guest artist and decided to swatch my favorite lip liners.

Here Are Mac Lip Liners I Swatched:
1. In Synch
2. Subculture
3. Hip N Happy
4. Dynamo
5. Cherry
6. Brick
7. Burgundy
8. Bespoken For
In past I would always apply lipstick directly on my lips. After taking up my makeup courses I learned that lining the lips with lip liner helps the lipstick last longer. Also it would be easier to achieve your lip shape through the pencil which looks quite appealing too.